About Dataspares

Yamaha RG front harness Dataspares

Dataspares was formed in 2002 to supply motorsport data logging and engine management systems in the UK.  In 2002 we were supporting Renault UK with the Clio and FR2000 one make racing championships, and Crescent Suzuki in British Superbike.

During the 2002 season Dataspares Aquisition Ltd was asked  to supply and tune Motec engine management systems for the Honda World Supersport ( 600cc ) team. Supplying the ECU was easy,  but integrating it into the racing motorcycle was not. Initally Honda UK supplied brand new wiring harnesses to take the connectors off, but this was not a long term solution. We had find a way of sourcing  the connector housings and terminals outselves.  After  much research and trial and error, we  built up a small number of contacts who supply not only OEM  Honda, but Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki connectors. Many of these are  also used in the car industry and by European motorbike manufacturers such as MV and Ducati.

In 2003 Dataspares was supplying Honda UK and Cresent with data loggers and engine management systems, rapidly expanding the business of building wiring harnesses for bikes. By 2005 / 06 Dataspares  was suppling most the British Superbike  / Supersport  paddock with ECUs, dashes and wiring looms.

Please note that we only supply genuine Orignial Equipment Manufacturer connectors, from the same plants in Japan that supply Honda / Suzuki / Toyota / Kawasaki / Yamaha. There are no cheap copies on this web site !

In 2013 the business moved to New Zealand  with a new company, Vapourshot.  The Dataspares brand name is still  here, supplying small quantities of connectors for hobbyists to larger quantities for professional wiring harness constructors.