KTSM Turbo Speed Sensor And Electronics

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KTSM Turbo Speed Sensor and Electronics

The KTSM Series of turbo speed /temperature sensors are designed for direct installation into the turbo casing. Development of the system has taken into account the environment inside the engine compartment and various design features have been incorporated to keep the signal clean and rugged.Sensing is by the eddy current principle to detect the blades (Titanium or aluminium) as they pass by.

Typical applications include: Turbo speed - High Speed Shaft.

  • Max Speed 400,000 RPM
  • Outputs: TTL or Pulse/blade - Pluse/ Revolution 0-5V Analogue
  • Also Measures Temperature 0-5V Analogue
  • Number of Blades 1 to 16
  • Internal Test Signal to Aid Setup
  • Module Satus LED
  • Sensor M5 x 0.5 or 0.8mm